In this workshop, learn how to identify both positive and negative characteristics when tasting coffee as well as terminology used to describe them.

Price per person:$30

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Beginner Barista Training 101

Gather hands-on training experience in making hot and cold espresso-based drinks with our home-line espresso machines, as well as machine care information.

Price per person: $80

Latte Art

 Explore the steps in creating microfoam, including the importance of temperature and the effect of the type of milk used. Learn how to create beautiful latte art designs.  Price per person:​$60

Home Roasting

Introduction to home roasting. Learn the chemical processes of roasting, differences in roast level, how to choose the right equipment, and more . Take home what you roast!

Price per person: $120


Tea Tasting

Explore the many different origins of our specialty tea, and the basics of tea tasting and preparation. 

Price per person:$30


Cupping 101/102