​Piedmont Proper

single origin

​Midnight Passage​ Brazil Santos

​Moonlight Serenade Colombia Supremo

​Highland Shadows Ethiopia Harrar

​Night on the Savanna Kenya AA

​Isle of Gold Sumatra Mandheling

Tradewinds Pacifica ​Java Estate

Twilight Serenade Colombia Excelso



​Miles and Miles

Verona Suite

Metro Point


Store in a sealed container away from light.

Coffee is porous - when we flavor coffees with syrups this is what allows flavor to be absorbed by the beans. This means that wherever you store your beans, you should be mindful of the other foods around them and make sure the beans are sealed well in either a bag or another container. If your storage container will be exposed to sunlight, please make sure you use one that is opaque.

You may be wondering why, if coffee should be kept sealed, we ship our beans to you in bags with valves on the back instead of in vacuum-sealed bags. Roasting causes the beans to release a gas by-proud, namely carbon dioxide. Once roasted, it takes 48-72 hours for coffee to de-gas. The one-way air valves on the backs of our bags allow the gases to escape while the beans are being shipped to you, thus ensuring ultimate freshness. If we we're to put the beans directly into a vacuum-sealed bag, they would produce enough gas to burst the bag.

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